Audible Review – Is Audible Worth it?

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So I decided to create this Audible Review after seeing there were no audible reviews online that were thorough in detailing the service itself. Therefore, I hope that you learn more about the service

Would you like to find more time to read new books, expand your knowledge or just get inspiration! Have you tried using audiobooks?

Audio-book are audible versions of regular books, enjoyed by many people who have busy lives and despite not having time to sit down and read, want to be able to absorb new information, or just listen to a fantastic story whilst going about their daily lives, without any inconvenience.

If this sounds interesting, I guess the next question is, have you tried Amazon Audible? and best of all is audible worth it?

Amazon Audible is a service created by Amazon which allows its users to download audiobooks and listen to them anytime. With a selection of over 200,000 titles, there are more than enough audiobooks to suit your taste.

Not only that, but Amazon are currently offering a Free Trial of their audible membership service, where you’re free to cancel anytime, I’ve featured all of the details below…

But anyway… Lets talk more about the service!

Find Out More — 30 Day Free Trial

Well, years ago when I first heard of the Audible buzz I was also confused just like you.

My head was loaded with so many questions like “should I really go for audible?” “Do I really enjoy a book while not reading it myself?” “What if they skipped a page?”.

Hundreds of questions likes these forced me to try out their free trial to get a real sense of how Amazon Audible works.

And guess what?

After my 30 days free trial, I became a diehard fan of audible.

No, it wasn’t because the audible books were cheap to borrow, but the simplicity of reading that it brought up was just amazing.

With audible, I can listen to my favourite books while commuting or doing other boring stuff like ironing my cloths.

Not to mention the size-zero look that it gave to my shelves 😉

So yeah, Audible is really amazing.

But hey, should you really go ahead and opt for an Audible just because I found it amazing?

No, you should spend time learning the features and benefits yourself so you can make a better decision.

And to help you out, here I’m going provide you with some pointers to evaluate the worth of Amazon Audible.

Cost Effective

Let’s start with money. Because with money it’s easier to evaluate an achievement or thing

You know, Amazon Audible would allow you borrow books at a reduced cost.

With only $15, you can read almost any book that you love. For instance, if you’re a big fan of James Joyce, then you might want to check out his books Ulysses. Which will cost you about $20

But guess what?

With audible membership, you can read most of his books only for a few bucks.

In fact, you can use your Audible credits to read an expensive book that would have cost you hundreds of dollars.

Large Collections

Audible has a huge collection of amazing books, more than 1, 50,000 books.

So whatever you’re looking for, be it regular books, mysteries, or science fictions you can find and listen to it with Amazon Audible.

Besides, Audible would let you access some of the most classical and timeless pieces that are hard to find, and of course, purchase in your local library.

Right Use of Your Time

Do you spend hours communing to your workspace?

You know, my office is pretty far away from where I live. So to pep up my commute, I used to spend time browsing my Facebook newsfeed. But there’s only so much to see, and I felt like I was just seeing the same old stories over and over again.

But when I signed up for an Audible membership, I started listening to many books while having a ride to my workspace, learning about new topics, being intrigued and most of all, I noticed I had more things to talk about with people at work and out and about.

Not just that, I also listen to my favorite novels when doing works like ironing or making dinner.

Though at first it was difficult to cut out Facebook and Instagram, soon I discovered the fun side of reading novels and books like “Who Moved My Cheese”

So yeah, with Audible you can easily make the best use of your spare time and improve your knowledge and lifestyle.

Read More Often

Well, I’ve highlighted it above how Audible can help you use your time, but I just forgot to mention that you can easily use Audible not just on your desktop, but in your Smartphone and tablets.

I myself use the Audible app on my smart phone, which allows me take my books wherever I go. Be it a work out or a causal walk around the neighborhood, I can listen to my favorite books.

Free Audio Books

Did you know that you can use Audio Books for free?

Well, when I first heard of Audible, I didn’t know that they offer their users two books for free. So it was difficult for me to make a decision.

But thanks to “XXX (a blogger), in his blog I first came to know that one can opt for the 30-days free trial offer and get two free audio books to try the services.

I remember, when I first read it, I was like “man!! That’s what I’ve been looking for”. I rushed to Amazon, and grabbed two books; one ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ by J.K Rowling (Narrated by Stephen Fry) and ‘A Game of Thrones’ by George R. R. Martin.

And when I was finished with these two books, I bought a premium membership of audible (with 100% confidence, of course). Is audible worth it, yes it is, especially with the free trial since there’s nothing to lose.

So go ahead and claim your two free books. Don’t worry, you can easily dismiss you member if audiobooks don’t work out for you.

Easy Refund

Not every book is worth reading, right? So, if you ever borrow a book by mistake and found that it doesn’t suit your tastes, then you can easily get a refund.

Yeah, you read it right, with their Great Listen Guarantee offer you can always ask for a refund. But hey, there’s some restrictions like you can’t claim for a refund or exchange if 365-day passes by.

But that 365-days, well it’s more than enough to figure out if you’re really satisfied with a book. Right?

Whispersync For Voice

Let’s finish with a cool feature.

Did you see Iron Man movie? If yes, then you must know Jarvis, the guy who used to keep track every single move of Tony Stark.

Well, the Whispersynch feature of Audible works just like Jarvis.

It will track in which chapter or line you’ve finished reading, and the next day when you open up your App, it will get you started exactly from there.

You don’t have to bother marking a line or remembering where to start, everything will be taken care of by their Whispersync For Voice feature.

In Conclusion, is audible worth it?

So what do you say? Is it a good idea to subscribe to Amazon Audible? Or should you just remain old-school and read books all by yourself?

Well, if you ask for my recommendations, then I’d highly recommend you to opt for audible. You know, it is fun and a hassle-free way to read your favourite books.

But your taste might be different, so I suggest you decide yourself. Although it’s free to sign up for a trial, and you get TWO Free Audiobooks to make up your mind.

Amazon Audible Trial (2 Free Books included)- Click to get your 30 day Free Trial!

I hope that you’ve learned everything that you need to know about the service from this Amazon Audible Review.